Aug. 08 2018

Origo Launches New PSAs To Address Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic

As part of the statewide Take Charge Ohio campaign, we recently created 3 new Public Service Announcements (TV and Radio) to highlight different messages related to medication safety and proper pain management practices, with the goal to encourage patients and prescribers to be part of the solution to create a safer prescribing culture.

Jul. 27 2018

How to Use Video for Powerful Brand Storytelling

Utilizing video for brand storytelling is an effective and engaging way to communicate your brand’s purpose, core values, and mission. Learn more about tactics for visual storytelling methods here.

Jul. 11 2018

The Homefield Advantage of Ambient Media

Ambient advertising is about strategically placing ads in unexpected and non-traditional places. It interacts within your target audience in their daily lives and shows how your company’s brand or campaign can fit within their lifestyles.

Jun. 20 2018

Introducing Origo’s 2018 Summer Interns

This summer we are excited to welcome interns Kayla Karsten and Alma Kim to the Origo team. With different areas of interests, backgrounds, and experiences, Kayla and Alma bring a wide array of talents and passions to further diversify our incredible team.