“Great Libraries Create” Capital Campaign
Columbus Metropolitan Library

To help the Columbus Metropolitan Library achieve their 2020 Vision Plan to redevelop ten branches within their CML network, Origo created a branded capital campaign to help them achieve their goal of $120 million - helping rebuild and revamp different locations across Central Ohio. To do so, Origo created the campaign strategy titled, Great Libraries Create, reminding people that libraries offer many things to the community, both tangible and intangible. Whether it be “stronger communities”, “access to technology”, “foundations for success” or “economic opportunity”, the main idea of our campaign message is that through your donation, you can help the CML continue to offer GREAT LIBRARIES to our community that help CREATE much more than we can even imagine.Per our process, we designed and developed a conceptual look and message for the outreach strategy that offers an educational approach to the initiative’s background, but also offers a tangible and inspiring message of helping such a powerful cause for the development and growth for the City of Columbus. Furthermore, we developed an awareness aid and other materials that deliver an inspirational messaging system, imagery, and experience that will entice the audience to act and partner with the CML in the form of donations, as well as other means of involvement. And lastly, we created a powerful call-to-action that positions the Columbus Metropolitan Library as a partner to the community and its donors, showing appreciation to partners and other advocates of the Columbus community.



  • Branded Campaign
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Internal Print Communications
  • Art Direction
  • Collateral Packet