Excellence in Medication-Use Safety Video
ASHP Foundation

Launched at the mid-year meeting in front of ASHP’s most important stakeholders, this video is now being used in different social media strategies and online channels amongst the healthcare commnity, creating greater awareness toward the organization’s message.

  • Collaborating with the ASHP Foundation and Cardinal Health Foundation, Origo was to create a 90-second to 3-minute animated video that recognizes the important role of the pharmacist in the changing healthcare landscape, as well as highlights ASHP Foundation’s commitment to recognizing excellence from teams within their field.
  • Implement the facts, messaging, and research offered by the client to create a storyboard and script given that highlights the changing world of healthcare and the critical role a pharmacist plays as a part of the healthcare team in creating an impact on patient outcomes and cost.
  • Utilize the video in a variety of venues, including the website, social media, e-newsletters, annual reports, press releases, community initiatives, the midyear meeting, and other awareness campaign strategies.



  • Video Concept
  • Graphic Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting/Messaging
  • Animation/Motion Graphics
  • Audio Production
  • Marketing Strategy